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Patriot Mobile Sponsors Spiritual Conference “The Renewal”

Last weekend, two of our Patriot Mobile executive team members set political initiatives aside to attend a spiritual conference called The Renewal. The goal, say organizers of the event is to spark a spiritual revival in America, realizing that there are no political solutions to our spiritual problems

Patriot Mobile President Glenn Story and Chief Marketing Officer Scott Coburn were in person for the event and experienced a great day of encouragement and equipping for our nation’s future. Scott said of the event, ‘It really was an honor to have been part of The Renewal. Restoring America’s covenant with God is foundational to our mission at Patriot Mobile, which is to passionately defend our God-given constitutional rights and freedoms. It was a great opportunity to gather with other leaders and fellow patriots who share our same beliefs and our desire to be more intentional about saving our great nation.’

The Renewal was a “faith focused day of heritage, history, praise, worship and prayer dedicated to the American renewal of the covenant the Pilgrims made with God four centuries ago,” according to the event’s creator.

The Renewal is the continuation of a Washington D.C. held event in September 2020 called The Return. Kevin Jessip, the president of Global Strategic Alliance, and the creator of this event, explains that their vision grew out of the 5 R’s aimed at restoring America spiritually. First comes REPENTANCE, then RECONCILIATION, followed by RESTORATION, and then REVIVAL. The final outcome is REFORMATION. Jessip told the New York Times, “I believe in this darkest hour of American history, we’re about to see the greatest move of God ever, as dark and light converge in this epic battle of the end times.” He added, “The whole world is watching America and what we’re doing; it’s crucially important that we begin to return back to God. He is the answer.”

An impressive list of speakers were in the lineup for this one day rally held in Plant City, Florida just outside of Tampa. Bestselling author Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, founder of Defending the Republic Sidney Powell, Dr. Ben Carson, Congressman Louie Gohmert and former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann brought inspiring messages and prayer to the crowd.

There were also retired U.S. military officers on the speakers list including Lt. Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin, Maj. Gen. Robert F. Dees, and Col. David Giammona.

Between speakers, musical guests and Dove award winners Guy Penrod, of The Gaither Vocal Band and The Isaacs led the crowd in worship.

This time of praise, worship and prayer committed participants and online viewers to return to the original covenant our founding fathers made with God. The very foundations of the United States of America were founded through prayer and based on scripture, with reverence to our Creator. As America has dismissed prayer in schools, Judeo Christian values and biblical adherence, our nation has simultaneously ushered in secularism. Jessip acknowledges that America is moving headlong toward God’s judgement. But he believes there is still hope. “We are about to see in the midst of America’s darkest hour one of the greatest moves of God ever… and we’re going to see great and mighty things that we know not of and God is preparing His people for the greatest harvest in the history of the world and God has not only saved us, but He’s going to keep us through it.”

Patriot Mobile was proud to sponsor The Renewal because we too believe that America must recommit our land and ourselves to the God who created us. As we continue to get behind causes that align with our political views, let us remember that those views should always be based on God’s Word and that we should give thanks to Him for every good and perfect gift. We are thankful for you, our loyal patrons and we ask you to join us in praying for our nation. You can watch a replay of the entire event here: The Renewal | Watch Live | January 8th (therenewal2022.org)

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