My Guns Make YOU Safer

On Monday, a man in his fifties walked into a school, greeted the front office staff, and went to visit his estranged wife as she was teaching her class of elementary aged, special needs students. Once in the room, he quickly shot his wife, and then took his own life. Two young students were standing […]

College Protestors Should Concern You – Here’s Why

College protesters across America are coming out in full force blocking conservatives fundamental right to free speech, as protected by the First Amendment. Police are largely standing by, watching, as these thugs assemble in large crowds, heckle speakers, physically harm those they oppose, prevent the press from covering their story, vandalize college property, and bar […]

7 Companies That are Making America Great Again!

Trump promised that his administration would set the economy aright after 8 years of economy jet-lag under the inept Obama administration. An article in today’s Wall Street Journal shows that this is one promise Trump is fulfilling. “Private-sector hiring this year remained strong as employers reported adding more workers to their payrolls in March than […]

Stop Trying to Brainwash Us!!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about the outrageous implications of Feminism. The results of Liberal Brainwashing are everywhere just as it is with Feminism, and it’s driving me crazy! For example, how many teens are declaring themselves as LBGTQ these days as an attempts to “discover” their “true” selves? We also have […]