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Patriot Mobile Sponsors First ‘Liberty March’

Patriot Mobile was honored to join For Liberty and Justice’s first ‘Liberty March’ in Fort Worth, TX on Tuesday night as a sponsor, together with Turning Point Faith.

Liberty Marches are prayer-focused gatherings with the purpose of unifying the body of Christ, local organizations, and the community. They are opportunities for Christians to let their voices be heard at local school board meetings and city council meetings.

Several speakers kicked off the prayerful ceremony. Emily Abbatcola from Turning Point Faith updated the crowd on their efforts to bring young people back to church for a revival in our nation. Newly launched by Turning Point USA, Turning Point Faith’s mission is to activate the faith community to be civically engaged like never before.

Nate Schatzline with The Justice Reform spoke truth to cultural lies and emphasized the power of prayer with kind and loving action at all levels of government.

Patriot Mobile’s own Leigh Wambsganss, VP of Government & Public Affairs, also addressed the audience. She emphasized defending parental rights and saving America by saving our schools. “Patriots stand for truth, patriots defend parental rights, patriots protect innocent children. We show up and we rise up in this spiritual battle to protect our kids, our families, and our country,” she said.

The meaningful prayer ceremony was led by five anointed pastors. Pastor Heather Schott of Mercy Culture Church prayed, “We ask for a holy conviction to come to the leaders in Fort Worth, in this region to awaken them… Lord, we thank you that Fort Worth is yours, Fort Worth ISD is yours, the schools are yours, our children are yours.”

Following the prayer, attendees silently and prayerfully marched to the Fort Worth ISD Trustee meeting and many spoke in public remarks.

Patriot Mobile is proud to partner with organizations like For Liberty and Justice and Turning Point Faith which are making a positive impact on our communities by bringing Biblical values to our government. We pray more Christians will become awakened to what’s going on in their local communities and act to defend our God-given constitutional rights and freedoms.

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