August 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

Women: Fastest Growing Group of Gun Owners in America

You may not know this but, the woman standing next to you in that grocery aisle, the one with mom jeans, a questionable stain on her shirt, 3 kids under the age of 5, and barely (but gracefully) keeping it all together, may also be armed.

You heard me right, she’s packing a Lovey in one purse pocket and a Ruger LCP in the other.

Women in America now make up 23% of the gun owner population.

Don’t believe me, watch this short video of women taking their right to bear arms, seriously, in the very progressive, Austin, Texas.

Enter, “Sure Shots”, the Women-Only Shooting League in Austin, Texas.

Women Against Gun Violence disagrees of course. The pro-gun control group thinks that having a gun in the home has shown to be more detrimental than beneficial.

I would love to see the stark difference in outcomes between a ‘Sure Shot’ mom, and a Woman Against Gun Violence policy wonk when an armed man comes after her and her little ones.

I am sure criminals would as well.

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