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What Buying Phones for Your Employees Can Do for Your Business

The value of mobility is hard to quantify. However, we know that a mobilized workforce is better equipped to engage and serve customers with greater speed and versatility. Patriot Mobile stands ready to provide the mobile service, phones, and attractive voice/data contracts that will drive your team members closer to your valued customers.

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When employees are already using their own phones for business, it may seem counterintuitive to step in and buy phones for them, but a 2018 Oxford Economics study found that the total cost of ownership for business is $909 per device (inclusive of data charges).

The same study found that the average monthly stipend paid to a BYOD user is $36.13, and businesses can incur many more hidden costs in a BYOD environment. When compared to PCs or laptops, which have been found to cost companies $6,685 to $9,595 per year, company-owned smartphones are a bargain.

The only instances in the study where BYOD policies yielded meaningful savings were those where the use of mobile devices for work was entirely optional, and involved little more than checking email.

If your employees do anything beyond this, you will end up providing inefficient help desk services for the myriad of phones and apps your workforce brings with them. BYOD may not have an initial cost, but time-consuming frustration is a distraction you probably don’t need.

The one segment of the workforce where BYOD makes economic sense is hourly workers. Chances are you’ll want to limit their access anyway, and if you were to insist on connecting them, you would likely be liable for the work they did while they were connected.

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