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VOTER IDs should be mandatory.

One citizen, one vote! It’s the foundational principle of our democratic republic’s election system. It is what we rely on to have election outcomes accepted by the losing side and how we as a citizenry can feel good about our part in the process. Every vote counts! Or does it?

Does your vote count, if sitting next to it in the digital file of “yet to be counted ballots” are 5 mail-in ballots credited to one citizen? Voter fraud is nothing new. Laws abound in every state to address such issues, although states vary on how they approach securing free and fair elections.

Depending on where you get your information, you have possibly heard (and might believe) that the 2020 election was the “most secure election in our nation’s history” OR maybe you’ve read that the presidential election was absolutely stolen from Donald Trump (not impossible to imagine) and any day now Donald and Melania will be moving back into the White House (for the love of all that is holy, please don’t believe or repeat such a thing)!

Whatever you’ve been told, and whatever you believe, there is suspicion that all is not well with how our elections are run. Even if you live under a rock, you’ve heard tell of the inexplicable black suitcases in Fulton County, GA on election night appearing just after poll workers were sent home, and the whistleblowing postal truck driver who was assigned to drive a load of ballots from New York to Pennsylvania. And if you live on top of a rock, you’ve heard much more about the shenanigans that went on in November 2020.

As states (primarily red ones) work to ensure voter integrity, the Left is shrieking like a witch over boiling water. Their primary accusation: the laws are (say it with me) RACIST! Requiring voter ID at the polls or to obtain an absentee ballot is seen by the Left as racist and will discourage people of color from voting. Mind you, banks are free to ask customers for ID when taking out their own money, airlines can require ID for you to board a flight, and even Walmart can ask for your ID to return a lightbulb without a receipt. But requiring ID to vote is racist. Really? The hypocrisy is almost funny, except there is too much at stake.

Is it not patently racist to assume people of color have a harder time obtaining an ID card than white people do? Man on the street interviews have shown white people who claim that Blacks and Hispanics have less access to computers and may not know where the DMV is to get their driver licenses. The mic drop moment is when the interviewer then asks people of color whether they have a computer, or if they know where the DMV is located. They all respond in the affirmative…they do have computers, they do know where the DMV is. When told what the liberal white people have said, they are astonished, annoyed, and insulted. Because every person who is able to brush their own teeth, knows how to access a computer and how to find their way to the DMV. Unless of course they don’t have the ability to get an ID because they are not a citizen. Wait…could this be connected to this whole amnesty, refugee, border crisis mess? Let’s have a look.

The recent passing of the Georgia Election Integrity Act of 2021 angered the current Administration to the point of suing the state for restricting voting rights. This new law should have been enacted before the 2020 election. Maybe then we could have maintained the majority in the Senate. And, have seen less of Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and his opposition to protecting our election process. He has since admitted that thousands of absentee ballots have gone missing. Big surprise!

Georgia’s new laws are not restrictive. They are a security measure against voter fraud. Shouldn’t both sides be able to agree on this one thing? Thankfully, Elizabeth Warren let us know her thoughts about the new law. She is burdened by the fact that Georgia has decreased early voting to just 17 days which she feels disenfranchises voters. It’s a shame Massachusetts doesn’t have a freedom fighter crying out for their disenfranchised voters who only get 11 days of early voting. Oh wait, Elizabeth Warren, the senator from Massachusetts could possibly help with that. How about you stay on your side of the street Liz?

Massachusetts is not alone. Many blue states have more voter restrictions than places like Georgia, Florida and Texas, and yet, none of them are catching heat from their own party. If voter ID has anything to do with color, it’s a red/blue issue, not a black/white/brown issue.

If every state denies its duty to secure free and fair elections through voter ID laws, the border crisis will be what the Left is hoping for…a free for all as non-citizens dependent on our government assistance (aka working people’s money) are given access to our voting booths. One citizen, one vote will quickly become, no citizenship, no safe elections…and no more America.

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