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The Opposite of Compromise

I recently received a memorandum that took my mind by force. The letter was a call-to-action, a stark persuasion to vote in the upcoming election, claiming the future as fragile and potential conservative losses historic.

I wholeheartedly agree.

We are in the fight of our lives. The history that precedes us has warned us. The present we live in undermines us. And the future absolutely depends on us.

I was born with an innate desire to waste nothing. Minutes on the clock, food on the table, moments with loved ones. I’m a Patriot, a Navy fighter pilot, a husband, dad, and friend. Retirement came in the blink of an eye, as most things do, and it was a moment impregnated with memories of gratitude, of service, of hope.

Hope is a strong weapon. It’s more powerful than fear. It keeps people alive. It keeps us moving forward.

Hope is the opposite of compromise.

When we compromise, we have lost hope and therefore settle for something that is less than what we were made for.

When we compromise, we have let the power-hungry show us that desire is stronger than unity.

When we compromise, we let go, we give up, we fall short of greatness. We employ the knockoffs and empower those without integrity.

Germany was reeling with resentment from its WWI loss when Adolf Hitler took a liking to politics in 1919. A hostile environment was the perfect condition for his rise to power. Amidst pain and discontentment, the weak of mind will compromise in the name of pleasure and the promise of prosperity. Hitler’s ambitious ascent gained clout, causing other leaders to concede for fear of losing their own.

By 1921, the charismatic leader prevailed with a sort of unlimited power, surrounded by zealots and standing firm on a mountain of small surrenders. A chase for control cloaked by political program gradually revealed itself as an insatiable hunger for dominance, death, and destruction. It was a slow fade, a rat in boiling water, resting comfortably in the spa of blind devotion.

Fast forward to America today. A strong nation of virtue, founded on liberty and valor, yet divided in a standoff laced with dissension. A party of integrity playing Red Rover with The Constitution, and another party foaming at the mouth, hoping to rip it apart.

Make no mistake, what makes the Democrats strong is that they are willing to do anything. They are fearless, knowledgeable, and they know how to distract. Above all, they know how to compromise. One day, their corruption will commit them, but until then, we need to understand what they are after: control. Chisel away The Constitution, and there will be nothing left that identifies us with the intentions of our founders. Remove freedom of press from the First Amendment, and it will only take years to see the rest evaporate. Take away one type of firearm, and you’ve removed them all. And rest assured, if they get control of anything, they aren’t going to change their minds one day and give any power back.

In 1787, Benjamin Franklin was confronted with the question, “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

His answer was brief: “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

The word keep implies action and denies complacency. So, how do we keep it?

1. Vote. Your vote is your voice. Vote early or vote on time. Just make sure you vote.

2. Educate Learn about the candidates, and research congressional and local scorecards. iVoterGuide is a fantastic resource. If you happen to know a veteran, ask them a few questions. They’ll have stories that blow your mind.

3. Vote with Your Wallet. The products you purchase come from companies that often have agendas other than pure profit. You may be shocked at who throws millions of dollars towards the left. Support companies that support your values and withhold your dollars from those that do not.

4. Donate your time and dollars. Volunteer to support conservative candidates and causes, or contribute dollars if time is short. Even small offerings can make a big difference.

The list is simple, but the task is not. It requires understanding, passion, and a pledge of allegiance. The bottom line is that I don’t want to look back one day and realize I cowered in complacency to a vicious power that knows less about steadfastness and servitude than the country they are fighting to own. We must do our part.

The future absolutely depends on us.


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