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The “Mothers of the Movement” will Speak at the DNC Today. But You Won’t Hear Any of This..

The “Mothers of the Movement”, an extension of the Black Lives Matter movement, will command the Democratic National Convention stage, today. You will see a lot of emotion. They will be used by Hillary Clinton to bolster the liberal lie that she and her party are the champions of the weak and defenseless. I assure you, the truth, the elusive truth about the Clinton’s in the 90’s, will be conveniently buried in the emotion of the night.

You thought last night was bad? The block party, that is the Democratic National Convention, celebrated a complete disregard for the rule of law. A night where illegal immigrants paraded the stage and tried to sway America with their heartfelt stories, young, adorable daughter/mother duos and abrasive speeches. But just wait for today’s lineup.

Today, the mothers of: Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Travyon Martin, Dontre Hamilton, Jordan Davis, and Michael Brown will grace the stage.

Make no mistake, there will be crying. From the mothers, that lost their sons, that of course is expected, appreciated and honored. No one should feel the pain of losing a child.

But most importantly, the American people will be in mourning with them. Heart strings tugged and tears jerked.

But I won’t buy into it. Why? Because the Clintons are hypocrites. I am a product of the 90s. And what the Clinton’s want me to forget, what they want all of us, including the “Mothers of the Movement” to forget, is that the Clintons called your sons and daughters, “Super Predators.” And implemented “mandatory minimums” to ensure that they would never see the light of day.

In a piece for the Huffington Post, an African American, female writer uncovers the following:

“In 1996, Hillary made comments about certain kids that were super-predators without conscience or empathy that need to be brought “to heel.” You can watch the video. The problem is that although Columbine occurred, the term was never used in reference to white criminals. It was only used to refer to black urban kids and to justify “three strikes.”

Additionally, they really don’t want you to know that there’s a conservative think tank called, Right on Crime working to make sure non-violent criminals don’t rot away in prison. Or the fact that it was former Texas Governor Rick Perry, a Republican, that championed prison reform during his tenure.

And lest we forget the liberty-minded Republican and former Presidential candidate, Senator Rand Paul who has championed criminal justice reform before it even became “mainstream?” No, we won’t see or hear any of that.

Today, we will continue to hear the myth that the Clintons are champions for all minorities. The old worn out liberal narrative that they actually care about inner city youth and the violence that plagues their communities… violence that only increases in breadth and intensity under Democratic policies.

This decade, like LGBT equality rights and less military intervention, Hillary considers it politically expedient to now be an advocate for criminal justice reform. When just over a decade ago, she was opposed to all and was able to help pass legislation that negatively impacted those communities.

Perhaps that’s something worth “passing the Kleenex” over.

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