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Target Eaten and Spit Back Out

As you walk into the brightly lit megastore, the smell of popcorn or the characteristic sound of a Starbucks machine pulling shots of espresso greets you. To the left are rows and rows of red, plastic shopping carts; ahead lays a vast unknown territory of clothes, home accessories, groceries, and technology. Yet, tucked away near the store’s entrance are the two doors that have caused so much controversy over the past six months: the men and women’s restrooms. Target recently has hit the news again as they are trying to rebound from the backlash of their recent social decision- allowing people of any gender or mental state to use any restroom they choose, no matter of gender at birth.

Well, today Target announced that they will be doing an entire day of 10% off every item in stores in an attempt to recover from their lowest quarter of sales in two years, all due to the fact that Conservatives have taken a stand against the Red Giant and their skewed views on gender-issues. The company is calling it #TargetRunDay. Yet, some families have boycotted Target all together since their decision, not only for the safety of their children, but for the principle of the matter as well.

Personally, I find it incredibly hard not to shop at Target. They do a better job than some of their competitors, like Walmart, in producing clothes for the “fashionista” on a budget or in supplying modern, chic home furnishings for those with limited funds. Yet, I have found alternatives. There are other places to get these items!

Other Conservatives feel the same- the American Family Association started a pledge to get others, like myself, to vow not to shop at Target until the company reneged on their stance. (Sign the pledge here: Target has now put themselves in a dangerous place. They cannot change their bathroom policy to what it was before at the risk of offending Liberal shoppers, yet they are struggling to maintain where they are now because they are struggling financially due to Conservative efforts.

So to my fellow Patriots out there, congratulations. Way to use your fiscal freedom to send a message loud and clear that you are not going to be swayed by popcorn-smelling stores or places where you can get a Liberal cup of coffee while you shop for winter shoes. Thank you for choosing to shop at other places even if it was difficult; you reveal to all of those around you that you will not be messed with and your values are important. When people stand up for what is right, big things happen. What’s next, Patriots? If you’d like to make a statement with your phone bill, learn more here:

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