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Put Your Money to Work- Shop Conservative!

Admit it. We all naturally have beliefs, opinions, thoughts and ideas. These could be related to religious or political beliefs, views toward social issues or merely just an opinion about what we will have for dinner tonight. It’s natural! We just can’t help it! Because we have these opinions, sometimes we must voice them, whether they be Conservative, Liberal, Libertarian, Christian, Atheist, you name it. This could be through a heated conversation, body language, a look of disgust, participating in a protest, or boycotting a company. Social media also plays into this. Facebook has become the largest gathering place of these opinions since its birth in 2005, and unfortunately the receptacle for every. single. thought. that runs through a person’s head.

For example, in April 2016, Target put in place a policy allowing anyone to use any bathroom or dressing room for whatever reason so as not to force customers to be subjected to “gender identity.” This is more casually known as “Target’s Transgender Policy.” Following this, activist groups, boycotters and protesters, particularly within the Conservative movement urged Target to withdraw the policy. The American Family Association received over a million signatures on their pledge to boycott the retailer! Facebook pages were specifically created to join people together to boycott the retailer!

However, Target made no move to change their policy even as their stock price began to plummet. Conservative voters were putting their money where their mouths were- they said they would boycott the retailer, and they DID!

Target paid the price. In February 2017, Target still had a poor sales outlook due to their decision almost a year prior.

When businesses to choose to lean one way or another in regard to political, religious and social issues, what can happen? Target lost a lot of money and customers because of their decision to stand with a what they saw as a majority of people pushing for Transgender rights. This was Target’s decision and they lost.

But what about you? What about your Conservative friends? While we may firmly disagree with what Target chose to do, did you stop shopping at Target? Did you intentionally stop shopping at Target because it went against your beliefs? If you still shopped at Target, did you just made sure to do it secretly so friends and family did not realize your beliefs only went so far as Facebook?

When we are passionate about our beliefs, it’s important that our actions back up our voiced beliefs. Otherwise, we are telling businesses to do what they want, whenever they want, and we will be forced to deal with it. We must be brave enough to stand strong in both word and deed, and here at Patriot Mobile, we are trying to do just that. When is the last time you checked on your phone bill? Have you even thought about checking where your money goes after you pay your hefty bill? (To find out more on this, check it out here)

But here’s the bottom line: Target suffered big time because a large group of Conservative people acted to back up their beliefs. Just think of what could happen if we all worked together! How could we change this nation if we all stood strong and held our ground? So, for today, how are you putting your money where your mouth is?

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