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Preserve and Protect

I’ve always rested on the notion that what you tolerate, you accept.

We live in a society where people are afraid to make decisions, afraid to step out and stand for something. We live for the moment, the weekend, the next video. We get our opinions from social media. We trust our emotions more than we rely on facts.

We have become desensitized to sacrifice, and indifferent to discipline.

When I was in uniform, I quickly realized that not every day in the military was like a war movie. You’re not always rescuing the damsel in distress or fighting the bad guys. Dramatic music is never playing in the background, rather, the mediocre hum of mundane tasks reminded us that our choices aren’t fueled by how we feel but by the commitment we made to our country and the people in it.

That commitment led to action, and when we all choose to act, to play our part – that’s when each of us can make a difference.

Our country was founded on people who sacrificed more than we understand to create a system that grants us freedom and protects our rights. The original signers of the Declaration of Independence lost their livelihood, their farms, their families, and most of them – their lives. When we fail to think about their loss, we lack the capacity for gratitude and the respect for the amendments written to grant us peace.

Make no mistake about it. We are at an absolutely critical juncture in this country. We are also the most dominant country on the planet, so in essence, our world is in the zero hour. This is not an apocalyptic scare tactic, but I do want to challenge you – look at history, look at the facts – so that you can fully comprehend the magnitude of our present state of jeopardy.

At Patriot Mobile, our battle cry is “Enough is Enough.” We’re ready to build the wall, to see more “heartbeat” bills passed, to watch colleges educate young voters on the detriment of socialism, to see Common Core wiped out, and to watch gun grabbers fade into the distance.

The liberal agenda has no intention of protecting you, but every motivation to control you.

Would we rather unity? Absolutely. However, the stalemate and impending national emergency in Washington is our direct order to keep fighting; to uphold the U.S. Constitution because our historical perspective guides us to do so. Traditional American values are founded in truth and must be preserved.

If you’re sick of waking up every day to another law supporting infanticide and gun restriction, I challenge you – don’t hesitate. Consider your choices. Sometimes, we don’t have an option, but in the case of your cell phone – you don’t have to compromise.

Enough is enough. Join the Patriot Mobile family. Now, more than ever, we need YOU.

Morri Leland
CEO, Patriot Mobile

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