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One Heartbeat Away From Absurdity

Did the radical Leftists somehow coordinate their summer vacations with the two week nightmare that has been the United States’ abysmal departure from Afghanistan? Because they have been largely silent, absentee, missing in action on the horrific events we have seen unfolding. There was concern something terrible had happened to all of these vocal Leftists, but fear not!

They have come roaring back to the Twitterverse with their outrage over Texas’ Heartbeat Act (aka SB8). Being the first in the country with such a law, this Texas bill legalizes regular citizens to intervene when they learn of an abortion taking place after a heartbeat can be medically detected. Abortion rights activists assert that most abortions will now be thwarted because rarely women know they are pregnant before the heartbeat is detectable. This is not a tool to punish women who get an abortion, rather to bring civil legal action against those conducting the abortions and even those assisting, up to and including an Uber driver (for example) who happens to drive a woman to an abortion clinic. Women facing an unwanted pregnancy continue to be seen by pro-life advocates as secondary victims of abortion for the damage it imposes on them emotionally, spiritually and sometimes physically.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott first signed the bill in May of this year but it is the refusal of the United States Supreme Court this week (in a 5-4 vote) to intervene, allowing the law to stand while litigation is pursued, that has ignited such controversy.

Just a little sampling of the outrage by the Left will reveal a trending hashtag. This is curious given what they are trying to impose on every American over the age of 12 right now. Ready for it? #BansOFFourbodies. This hypocrisy would be comical if the most innocent among us, the unborn, were not being denied the most basic of rights.

President Biden tweeted: “The Supreme Court’s overnight ruling is an unprecedented assault on constitutional rights and requires an immediate response. We will launch a whole-of government effort to respond, looking at what steps we can take to ensure that Texans have access to safe and legal abortions.” He went on to say in a press conference Friday that this bill is “un-American.” This from the commander in chief who failed to comprehend one of the MOST American ideals of “no man left behind.”

Just imagine if we had a president who voiced that type of response to the need to rescue Americans stranded behind enemy lines. Instead of putting that effort into preserving those lives, he will put the entire government behind assuring the right to continue killing unborn babies. Talk about your scorched earth policy.

When a male reporter with a Catholic network asked how President Biden, himself a Catholic, can justify abortion, Press Secretary, Jen Psaki had an aggressive defense. She shot back that the reporter, being a man, could not possibly understand such tough choices since he’s never been pregnant. Again, the hypocrisy boggles the mind. After all, the Biden Administration has assured us that pregnancy is not just for women anymore. In fact, one of their newest manufactured terms is “birthing PERSON!” Please don’t forget the oft stated directive for us all to “follow the science.” Yes, we are living in a perpetual “Opposite Day” scenario.

At least the administration is singing from the same sheet music. Vice President Harris tweeted that the Texas Heartbeat Act will “disproportionately affect communities of color and individuals with low incomes from getting access to the health care they need.” She is spot on about communities of color being disproportionately affected, just not how she means. Since the beginning of legalized abortion, an estimated 19 million black babies have been killed in the womb. Today a black baby is five times more likely to be aborted than a white baby. That disproportion is quite literally limiting the black race and culture in this country.

Some of the most acerbic and angry tweets came from the usual suspects: Michael Moore, Rachel Maddow, Alyssa Milano…but the award for most outrageous response goes to Bette Midler. She tweeted, “I suggest that all women refuse to have sex with men until they are guaranteed the right to choose by Congress.” Finally, something we can agree on, Bette! Why don’t we let the angry and ill-informed take a break from pro-creating for awhile and let the happy conservatives take it from here.

It’s time for people who feel uncomfortable supporting this hypocrisy to awaken, and switch sides. If you hurry, we will welcome you with open arms. You’ll like it over here!

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