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Never Forget Walk

September 11th will mark the 20th anniversary of one of the darkest days in American history. Almost 3,000 people died because of the terrorist attack at the World Trade Center. Of those who lost their lives were 343 firefighters and paramedics, 23 New York City police officers and 37 Port Authority police officers who were desperately working to evacuate the towers and save those trapped inside. Stephen Siller was one of those firefighters. He strapped 60 pounds of gear on his back and raced on foot through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to the Twin Towers where he gave up his life while saving others. His brother, Frank Siller, founded Tunnel to Towers in honor of him and the sacrifices of all first responders, especially those who gave their lives over 9/11.

From the ashes of the Twin Towers emerged the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, a nonprofit that builds mortgage-free smart homes for our most catastrophically injured veterans and first responders and for families of fallen first responders. Each smart home is designed to address the unique needs of each individual injured in the line of duty. These homes help them reclaim their day-to-day independence.

To mark the 20-year anniversary of 9/11, Tunnel to Towers Foundation kicked off the Never Forget Walk on Sunday, August 1. Frank Siller will be walking 500 miles across six states, from Washington DC to Ground Zero in NYC to honor the heroism of the first responders who lost their lives. The full route will include:

  • Washington D.C. Kickoff – Aug. 1
  • Winchester, VA – Aug. 7
  • Cumberland, MD – Aug. 14
  • Shanksville, PA, Aug. 21
  • Hershey, PA – Aug. 28
  • Easton PA – Sept. 4
  • Morristown, NJ – Sept. 5
  • Staten Island, NY – Sept. 9 & 10

Patriot Mobile is proud and honored to support Tunnel to Towers and the Never Forget Walk and is dedicated to supporting our first responders and military. Patriot Mobile personnel is excited to join Frank Siller along the Never Forget Walk route in Hersey, PA to celebrate and encourage his efforts.

To follow Frank, visit For more information on the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, visit

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