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Make every vote your most memorable

Glenn Story, President and co-founder, Patriot Mobile

Checking the box by Ronald Reagan on my 1984 election ballot was a moment I’ll never forget. It was the first time I was old enough to vote for president. I felt powerful and proud. That day, my dad reminded me of something persuasive Reagan said in a 1960s speech, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” This was when I first understood the enormity of our voting privilege—and duty—to maintaining our freedom. When I’ve selected my conservative choices in every election since, I experience the same power and pride.

Election 2020 is one of the most important in our nation’s history. Similar to Reagan’s 1984 victory, Donald J. Trump is a major force in stabilizing our nation in a politically and economically shaky world. Will Americans re-elect Trump so he can continue to maintain our constitutional liberties? Will the thriving economy he built remain?

Undivided conservative support means efforts will continue to lower prescription drug prices, get people back to work and school safely, and solidify relationships that protect American interests with China, Russia, and the Middle East. Without unanimous conservative support, radical liberals will overtake the Oval Office and undo four years of conservative victories and financial stability. They will reverse our recovery progress from the global pandemic.

When spoken in unison, our conservative voice is loud. We must encourage everyone we know to register and to also vote Republican from top to bottom of the ballot. District and state judges defend our Constitution while county judges and commissioners also control reopening our schools, businesses, and entertainment that help us thrive.

There’s no excuse for your voice to go unheard in the November 3 federal, state, and local elections. Every state is making our duty to vote easier and safer during the pandemic for every American.

  • Register to vote at vote.gov
  • Learn about voting early with this state-by-state early voting calendar. You can avoid long lines and choose a convenient day and time to vote.
  • Educate yourself on candidates by reading this comprehensive 2020 candidate directory of U.S. president, Senate, Congress, governor, and statewide races.
  • Mail-in voting is available to some who are unable to make it to the polls. Visit usps.com/votinginfo to learn how. We recommend you request a mail-in ballot at least 15 days before to the election, and mail your ballot at least 7 days prior.

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Where will you be on November 3? Make this election your most memorable vote.

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