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Integrity Found a Foothold at the Values Voter Summit

Integrity inspires. It brings us together.

Integrity begets unity, and unity breeds strength.

Enter the Values Voter Summit. More than a political rally. More than hype. And in a time like this, we all could use a little more. More solid truth. More unbreakable, unshakable peace.

Patriot Mobile not only had the privilege of sponsoring such an event, but also sent two employees AND two of its members, who are, essentially, the heart and soul of our nation’s only conservative cell phone company.

Hear it first from Lisa Bennett, Marketing Director of Patriot Mobile:
It was much like Christmas morning – I was wide-eyed with anticipation as my plane cruised into Victorious D.C. I arrived ready to GIVE but in reality, I received so much more. It was a whirlwind of honor. I encountered the incredible men and women who are the pillars of FRC and FRC Action. I rallied with the headlining sponsors of VVS18 (AFA Action, American Values, Christian Healthcare, Inspire, United in Purpose). Then, I remained inspired as I waltzed down Radio Row, immediately landing the opportunity to have Edward Woodson of America’s Voice Network interview our very own Morri Leland, CEO of Patriot Mobile (watch interview here).

Of course, I’m in marketing, so I came to spectate and participate. I wanted to share the story of – WHY Patriot Mobile – what’s our cause, our plight, what do our dollars FIGHT for. I didn’t realize I would experience the exalted embrace of such passionate, conservative Americans.

Who knew family could feel like this?
Out of the blue it seemed, night fell, and Indivisible happened. It was more than a film – it was a stark, take-my-breath-away reminder of the sacrifice and allegiance of our military and even further, military wives. (#NoSpoilers, #AddItToYourList). The next few days transpired in similar fashion – I was charmed by the Benham Brothers, challenged by Ben Carson (appearing in his personal capacity), and mesmerized by Mark Meadows, Todd Starnes, and Dr. Bill Bennett. My heartstrings continued to be fine-tuned at the premier of Gosnell, a gripping theatrical true-story of a serial killer abortionist. I even got the honor to meet some of its actors, a real-life superman, Dean Cain, and Alfonzo Rachel.

The weekend continued to woo me; I was paralyzed by the passion of Vice President Mike Pence (whom I later got to meet!) and as always, wowed by the sheer beauty and stamina of our very own Dana Loesch. To top it off, I was unexpectedly pulled into an exclusive share of highlights from the upcoming movie Unplanned; an honest testimony of Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director. To add to my enjoyment, I shared this mind-broadening experience with TWO of Patriot Mobile’s beloved members, who resonated with our mission and reminded us of the WHY:

“I love that I can partner with Patriot Mobile to stand for religious freedom. Also, the best part is that when I switched over, their member services team was so thorough. It truly feels like family to me” – Amedee Friestedt, Patriot Mobile Member since June 2018

“It’s incredible that I can invest my dollars into a cell phone company that supports faith, freedom, the dignity of human life, our military, and so much more – all the leadership and exceptionalism America was founded upon, and in the way I want to support it. What a refreshing experience getting to know more about their efforts to support what keeps America free and strong.” – Amanda Hughes, Patriot Mobile member and author of Who Wants To be Free?

The adrenaline rush didn’t end on Saturday, rather, it drove me into the small bunch that gathered Sunday morning. We worshiped with Gordon Butler and found reckoning in the Word with Tony Perkins. The fuel for the fire was wrapped in a message on true power – we were challenged to be prepared, be empowered, be persistent.

In summary, my 4-day journey to our nation’s capital would not be complete without a visit to the postcard-ready sites. In the mid-morning drizzle, I sat atop the steps of the Supreme Court in awe of the moment and in the serenity of a deserted attraction. Summit attendees and tourists alike had chosen to remain in the warm reservoirs of their homes, but I stood in the rain, breathing in the victory of the weekend and the war I was called to fight in spirit, in truth, and for our country.

Integrity is simple. It’s honest, strong, and it’s the state of being whole and undivided.

If you’re a member of Patriot Mobile, feel confident that you are supporting conservative causes like the 2nd Amendment and Pro-Life with every phone call you make. If you’re looking to switch – It. Is. Easy. You’ll feel better. You’ll smile brighter. Let’s stand together and see integrity catch fire.

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