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Abortion: Does Love (REALLY) Win?

Abortion. The number one killer in our world today, more than HIV or AIDS or diabetes or cancer or you name it! It is stripping the lives away of potential Presidents, astronauts, biologists, or business leaders. Pro-Life versus Pro-Choice debates have been well under way since the 1960s, but from the turn of the century to date there have been more than 17 million reported abortions performed in the USA. For many, the scientifically proven fact that life begins at conception forms a substantial argument for why we, as Americans, should advocate so heavily for Pro-Life. Pro-Choice chooses to ignore the scientific evidence and argue that science and our nation’s founding ideas cannot determine whether a human life is worth more or less than the toilet paper we clean ourselves with. In a time where the very principles our nation were founded on are being shaken, it is more important than ever to fight for the inalienable rights all human beings—regardless of age, race, or gender—are offered. Social and peer pressures play into these abortion rates and it is time to STOP! (To see an amazing video on this, click here) The value of a human life is determined by the social and emotional constructs we build. In broken societies where there are unjust biases about inborn human traits and unchangeable life circumstances, physical life is diminished to being a stepping stool for more powerful humans’ benefits. Our Declaration of Independence states that,”. . .all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” All men (and women) are created equally and offered the right to life and freedom. Abortion has stripped the right to life for over 17 million people since 2000 and is reducing the reliability of the values our country has lived on since we were founded. Consider the campaign for “Love Wins”. For years the LGBTQ community fought for marriage equality, based on the idea that every human being should have the ability to love and be loved by whoever they want in order to live the fullest life. Ironically, progressives pushing the all-inclusive “Love for all” are the very ones pushing to strip unborn babies of their rights to live and love. Where do we, as a society, draw the line at who gets to be loved and live as an active member in the world? If “Love Wins” and abortion are mutually exclusive, they cannot coexist without raising serious questions about the validity of at least one of them. If we truly believe that men are created equally and have the undeniable right to life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, and love, then there should be no termination of any life, regardless of what stage that life is in. Our foundation is being shaken and our values and principles are changing. Today, millions of lives are being taken because they are deemed as unimportant and valueless. Just as a good parent doesn’t prefer a child because they’re more cognitively and mechanically advanced, human life shouldn’t be more valued because of levels of development in and out of the womb. Defending and upholding the inalienable rights of all lives, beginning at conception, is one of the most important issues we can fight for today as US citizens. If we cannot stand on the sanctity of life, what CAN we stand on? With Patriot Mobile, your cellphone can help support every person’s Right to Life. That is why we support groups like the Susan B. Anthony List or Texas Right to Life with every phone bill. Up to 5% of each bill that comes through our doors is channeled to groups like these, and you can see a full list of who we support at www.patriotmobile.com/whypatriotmobile. We want to help fight to end this heinous crime, and to help bring our babies home safely. If you are ready to help with this crusade, check us out or call in today at 1-877-367-7524 to start funding the values you believe in!

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